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SHE, Herlocks Hair Co. is a fellow sister. A big sister that you didn't even know you had.

ME, you are a part of a community that you may not even know exists.

HER, We are the girls of the world. A sisterhood of afro hair textures and hair care inspiration.

Whether you’ve struggled to grow your hair, we are your safe haven to ask all the questions about your beautiful and coily hair. We are not just into beautiful colored wigs and how to style and maintain hair extension. This is about a community for the brown girls all over the world to start a movement of sisterhood and promoting healthy hair and having confidence whether you are natural or choose to wear protective styling. Our commitment is to create and maintain a safe forum to talk about and ask about black hair in its many different varieties from 3a-4c hair textures. Our mission is to help women look and feel beautiful every day A safe place to talk about hair issues, hair trends, how to maintain hair extension and wig units, how to dye hair and much more..

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